Brand Spanking New!

We are oh so very excited to announce the new and improved Trisha Dean Events! A HUGE thanks goes to the amazing and talented Kari of SugarB Studio who created our fab new look – we love, love, LOVE her. Please take a look around the new site, check out the new blog and look for more fabulous things to come. Thank you for your patience as we made the transition!!

Last week as the site was being launched, Christy and I were frolicking with the best of the best in the wedding world and loving it! Engage!11 was an amazing few days of sunshine, fab friends, dancing, lots and lots of dancing and learning along side the greats such as Marcy Blum, David Beahm, Mindy Weiss, Todd Fiscus...I could go on and on! I was so lucky to have dinner with Simon T. Bailey and I have to say one of my favorite sessions was by Harmony Walton, Lara Casey and Jasmine Star. Three talented ladies who get it. My other favorite session was Marcy Blum, she is authentic, creative and she just makes me laugh!

A huge thank you to Rebecca and Kathryn of Engaging Concepts for another amazing conference! And a shout out to our roomies from left to right: Me, Daniela of Bella Signature Design (who also was a speaker!), Kate of Kate Miller Events, Amy of Amy Nichols Special Events and the lovely Christy.

The Fab Ladies of Rooms 363 and 365

Lots of love to you all! Happy Tuesday!

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