April 19, 2012

Wine Country Decor – Jug of Wine

In constant search for wine country decor, I stumbled across this fab modern looking milk jug wine bottle that is as pretty as it is functional – especially when it comes to guests imbibing at your wedding. Not only would these look super on sleek modern reception tables, they are about two and a half times the wine of regular wine bottles, meaning you get a heck of a lot more vino for the table! Inexpensive and pretty!

And, this wine does not fall under the category of more is less in the flavor department. Known as a premium jug wine, this wine has received rave reviews of “lush fruit flavor”. ┬áThe story behind the jug: the winemaker’s grandmother, who was the winemaker for her Italian village, sent visitors on their way with a milk jug full of delicious red wine. To honor grandma’s tradition, the Portalupis have use the milk jug to bottle their Italian-inspired, California-made red table wine.

Photo by John Capone via 7x7.com